Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Blurry on a tuesday

This is a blurry image. Somehow it reflects how I feel today.

The framed print is a page I bought in an antiquarian bookshop in december. The shopkeeper had decided to sell the prints separately as no one bought the whole lot. I think she said there were about 240 pages, and that the folder had originally consisted of over 300, so some had gone missing over the years. They were beautiful and we were a bunch of curious and excited people going through the lot whilst drinking glögg (trad. christmas drink) and eating gingerbread and listening to nice music.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

That is beautiful Nina ....... did you only buy the one ? ..... perhaps it's blurry because you had too much glogg !!!! haha XXXX

linnea-maria said...

vilket vackert tryck! Jag har ett häfte från 1870 som är någon slags reklam för ett tyskt tryckeri och dess duglighet. Jag älskar bilderna och använder dem när jag pysslar, jag gör kopior förstås.