Thursday, 3 January 2013

I have never seen this before

Early in december last year, I heard news of a distant relative whom had now sadly passed away. He was of old age and also spent his last 10 years in a carehome as he had parkinsons disease. I never knew him, nor did I ever meet him. But someone who took care of him, contacted my father (who only had met his half-brother once when they were very young) and now sent him a bunch of old photographs.

This my dear friends is a photograph of my grandmother Alli and my grandfather George. I have never before seen a picture of them together. In fact the only picture I have seen of my grandmother, is a slightly blurry enlarged passport portrait. Framed. A very precious image.

I love how proud my grandfather looks. I would be very proud if I was standing next to my grand mother, apparently she was very very kind.
I wrote about Alli here.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

What a lovely photograph Nina and so very special to you ........ they look a very handsome couple too. You must have been so pleased to have aquired these photographs. XXXX

akissfromthepast said...

oo so special !
these kind of treasures are truly gold!
a very handsome couple- looks like your grandfather was easy-goign fellow.
Im so happy that you got this picture so sudden surprise!

G:a Affären said...

Så roligt att du fick fotografiet, jag förstår att det är värdefullt för dig. Värdefullt också när någon gör sig besväret att kontakta släktingar för att lämna gamla fotografier. Det var väl meningen...