Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Last night I arrived home from a Berlin with spring just around the corner. I enjoyed beautiful sunny days, sitting outdoors in parks and wonderful cafés and enjoying my dear dear friends. I also enjoyed morning runs in the parks and along dry streets. I simply adore the city.

Tomorrow I am heading for Istanbul and shall be back when spring has hopefully found it's way up to the north and Helsinki.

Above is a window-reflections from lovely Bateau Ivre in Kreutzberg. A great place to enjoy a glass of port before dinner, or why not enjoy the relaxed atmosphere when the tourist season has not yet hit in and made the place just one of the many many many guidebook-stops;)

I will be slightly more quiet on the blogging front due to me travelling.

Take care. Get blinded by the sun!


Cheri said...

Tervetuloa ja tervemenoa :) Mukavaa matkaa, Istanbul on ihana paikka.

Floss said...

Well, how kind of you to pop in and let us know! Enjoy your wonderful travels... Istanbul is one of my must-see cities.