Sunday, 24 March 2013

I did it!

I did it,in the sence that I did not get ill after all. And got to see the perfomance I so looked forward to seeing, that is Chorusline 2013 by the Helsinki Dance Company. (This was not the musical Chorusline).

I was so empowered afterwards that I must have shine like a neonlight or something as I attracted many many warm and friendly comments by strangers while in the shop on my way home and on the bus-stop. Funny!

Now the sun is shining and I'm taking myself out for a run and then going to pamper a friend who had eye-surgery on friday and is still half-blind. I thought I pop by the library to get an audio-book for him and then some buns, huge delicious buns and coffee always helps when you feel lousy. At least a little.

Get blinded by the sun is also on the agenda! I recommend! Spring is defenately in the air, I am lucky. I get to experience spring arrival for the third time. This song does it for me, Shostakovich. Oh how I wish I could dance this waltz in the arms of, well anyone really - I simply love to dance the waltz! But I want to have room and space! Oh, like in the movies! A ballroom is what I need!

Waltz away your sunday in the sun friends!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Nna,
So glad to hear that the 'flu didn't materialize and you went to the ballet.
How lovely to have some sunny days and to see Spring arrive. It's not so good here .......rain, sleet and snow and very cold at the moment but, I'm sure that Spring is just around the corner !!
Keep well, keep shining and keep waltzing !!!! XXXX

akissfromthepast said...

ihana ninnu,
toi valssi on upee!
hyvä että flunssa on hus pois :D

G:a Affären said...

Vilket härligt inlägg! Jag kan se dig dansa vals med stort utrymme till Shostakovich, lycklig med vacker melankoni. Det smittar av sig!

Tack också för din generösa kommentar!