Friday, 26 April 2013

Little birdie tweets

I have started the cykling season. A little later than usually, but I had my bike in for repairs and it needed a little more attention than I had expected, so it took some time as the repair-peeps are ever so busy this time of year. And why oh why did I not take my bike in for repairs in the winter...well, maybe I remember that next year. If not, please remind me.

Oh, look it's friday tweets the little birdie sitting on my shelf. It's made by my dad. I'm going to see a play tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to attend yet another birthdayparty. My friends keep throwing parties every saturday. I love it! Last saturday I attended this huuuuge wonderful birthdayparty with hundreds of guests, lots of perfomances and speeches. Tomorrows party will be much smaller, with lovely friends gathered.

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends!

1 comment:

G:a Affären said...

Ja jag ska påminna dig! Själv är jag också dålig med framförhållning när det gäller service på gräsklippare, beställa tid för däckbyte osv.

Fågeln är underbar och betyder säkert mycket för dig!

Hoppas det blev ett lyckat firande!