Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Something to place plants on. And Håkan.

That was on my list.

So then I found this padded stool at the fleamarket. It has a wooden base. So I bought it and removed the padded fabric and it was ready to be used as "something to place plants on".
Not the most charming bunch of plants, I have to admit. But get back to me early june and I think I can come up with something slightly more appealing;)

And as seen, before and after.

I'm listening to Håkan over and over. This song just makes me fall in love. It's a little sad and nostalgic. I want to cykle fast fast fast and get out of breath cykling fast uphill and feel there's so much, so so much. Life!

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Cheri said...

Soma palli, oiva paikka kasveille. Mukavaa viikkoa!