Friday, 14 June 2013


Yes. I have put my lovely apartment up for sale and I am moving!

I shall let you know more once all has been settled.

I have been very happy here and I believe anyone moving into this apartment will be as happy.

Change is good. I feel brave and I am proud of myself for beeing this brave.

Happy weekend dear friends!

Above is a knife I bought today, it has the name Hagar engraved. Not a very common name. I only know one Hagar. And that is author Hagar Olsson.

I have been listening to this song. Very suitable for rainy and windy and chilly summer days...


Cheri said...

Muutot ovat käännekohtia. Toivotan onnea uuteen!

akissfromthepast said...

On hyvä välillä katsoa maailmaa eri kantilta. Maisema vaihtuu ja uutta omanlaista löytyy aina. Hagar on kyllä mielenkiintoinen nimi :)
Onnea ja lykkyä uuteen! uusi koti on upea, sulla on taito saada semmoista aikaan.