Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New box!

I found a wooden box in my street (people leave things they do no longer need in the street for others to use or give new life).
I sandpapered the surface, painted it black and glued vintage die cuts and used varnish to top it of. Now I have a solid box for all those very very precious bits and pieces one needs to hold on to! 

The books in the last picture were found at the same time. They are old finnish theatre plays.


Cheri said...

Ihastuttava rasia ja se, että tavarat voi jättää muiden löydettäväksi on todella viehättävää.

G:a Affären said...

Det gäller att kunna se möjligheter, och det gör du!
Lådan blev hur fin som helst i sin nya skepnad.