Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bad and good news

I'm sad to have to tell you, the house that I was about to buy, well, after a thorough check, it turned out to have too many hidden risks. For ex. the roof was minerit-board, which classifies as toxic waste (it contains 20% asbestos fibre), and can in the worst cases turn out extremely expensive and hard to get rid of.

But good news is that I have managed to rent a small house bult in the 1850's. So whilst I continue househunting, I can still live in the best location and most adorable house ever. Unfortunately this particular house is not for sale.

The weekend was so lovely so I got some plants and herbs for the front garden, my little bench and table is perfect size for this patio. Picture above.

Today I shall hit the beach in the afternoon, after I've done a little more unpacking.

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Kreetta said...

Your place looks so wonderful. Front garden is the perfect place to make some handmade treasures.