Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday thoughts

Had a very lovely weekend.

Yesterday I made lots and lots of pottery tiles. I became a factory;) Worked for eight hours almost non stop, with only a short lunch brake. Now I need to wait another two weeks for the tiles to dry and then burn them and then it's time to glaze them. I shall show you results later.

Today I took a long walk in the cold and beautiful weather. Then I attended a fun event, an exhibition with a talkshow. The guest at the talkshow was the artist,  Jasmin Anoschkin, and in between the interview some of the favorite songs were performed by two musicians. It was a warm and intimate event.

Now I wish you a lovely new week. I'm off to Italy in a few days, so Ciao until the end of month!

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Cheri said...

Ihanaa matkaa! Sillä aikaa savityöt kuivuvat :)