Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Black cloud

The person I am dating is going through a rather dirty divorce. His ex has made it public on the internet, on facebook and through her blog. Now she has even taken me as her target. She has violated my privacy. She has published my name and linked to my blog through her facebook page (which is public, one needs not be her friend to see her posts!) and her blog. She constantly reports where we have been spotted together. Hence I had to close my own blog for a while due to the violation of my privacy. She claims it is her right to write about her divorce, about her sad feelings, as she also claims I do nothing else but post about my love affair and my happiness on the internet. Surely everyone has their right to write about themselves whatever they like, but once you start writing personal stuff about others, you're off limits. She is a professional journalist and now someone has reported her action. I wish her no harm but I can also wonder how a person in her position, can forget the rules of how to behave online. But obviously it is her choise to risk everything, not only her dignity, but her profession too.

First of all, my blog is by no means public, very few know my real identity. Secondly, I have a life to lead, not much time to spend on the internet.

My posts will occur as often (read seldom) as before. But with the difference, I might have to close my Temps Perdu -account and invite you all to become readers elsewhere.

Life is otherwise beautiful and good. I have a lovely house that I am renovating. I love my sweet darling  Muru-cat. I'm on holiday from work, looking forward to starting work within a month. I have the most wonderful friends. I have a wonderful family. I am dating a beautiful person and I am happy. I am doing a lot of running, signed up for a running-school and I am telling you, though I really love and enjoy running, in this heat it is a challenge. But I am very proud I have managed to fulfill all the running miles up until now. And I am not going to let some summer heat stop me;)

The image above is a textile work by my friend. It is missing a frame, but I am currently keeping my eyes open for it in the fleamarkets, I think a vintage golden frame would look great.

Enjoy summer friends!

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linnea-maria said...

Oj :/. det var ett tag sedan jag läste. Nu är jag glad att du inte stängde denna blogg. Folk kan tappa huvudet när de låter känslorna ta över. Fy sjutton för att hänga ut dig på detta sättet, hon måste vara väldigt bitter. Det är inte ditt fel, kom ihåg det <3