Monday, 18 August 2014

Gardens and wierd films

I have, in my mind, started planning the garden. I haven't had time to do much this season, and I also wanted to see what is growing and where. This year I have only had flowers and herbs in pots (pic above). Unfortunately terribly neglected! But some herbs and flowers are still going strong. But poor lavender has thus left us...before leaving for Corfu there was still a tiny bit of life left...

Yesterday was the "Restaurant-day". We dined at our dear friend Beniaminos house. He cooked his beloved italian dishes and it was delicious. Then we cykled about and enjoyed coffe and cakes in our friends backgarden. In the evening we watched Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel. What a wierd wonderful film.

Oh, I hope you have seen this charming dance-cover/ shortfilm? Here is the original.

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