Tuesday, 26 August 2014


I have been working on the renovation for quite some time, and obviously gone through different stages of frustration and despair;)
Today I looked through pictures taken during the journey, blimey, change has actually happened.
This is a corner of my kitchen. I found the old door in the spring, in a nearby village, where I bought two other doors as well (I changed all the 70's doors to old ones from a 30's house, ok, this house is from year 1900, but I have decided not to make this into a museum).
It will be the door to a small cupboard, or larder, I shall build in the corner. I find it ever so charming. I love the word for larder in swedish, skafferi. If I ever had a small shop or kiosk of any sort, it would most certainly be called Ninas Skafferi. In fact, I think this little larder shall be named, I shall have a small opening of Ninas Skafferi, maybe invite some friends, serve small delicacies...
Talking of friends, last night I cooked my famous couscous salad and spent the evening with our dear friend J, who has moved abroad. We started planning a trip over to visit, soon. We ate, enjoyed wonderful wine and listened to a bunch of old LP's. What a journey down memorylane we all took. Oh dear, I remembered how a very young and small Nina cried when I listened to this, soon 36 yrs ago!!!! Baccara was a big deal for me when I was eight or nine years old. And that song always made me teary eyed;)

The second image is from when I have just started tearing up the kitchen floor. Look at those dark walls and floor. I used so much time scraping the roof beams off of chalkpaint, that was hard as stone at some places, now I am well pleased I did the hard work - they look fabulous against the whitepainted ceiling.
The door in this image is today the door to my bathroom.

Oh so much going on! Most of my "hobbies" start next week, there are farewell parties and theatre plays and concerts to attend. My theatre colleague Samuel has been accepted to study in London. There they will bake him into a master of arts, a theatre director, specialization within musicals. All my London-family, please take very very very well care of dear S (what a silly sentence to write, you are the bestestestest ever, so of course you will take greatest of care of the bestestestest Samuel <3 p="">
Time to work again! See you soon! Take care!


Cheri said...

Kylläpä sinulla onkin urakkaa. Nayttää jo nyt kotoisalta ja viihtyisältä. Voimia remonttiin!

linnea-maria said...

Oj vilket jobb du har lagt ner. Det är bra att du byter ut dörrarna till äldre det blir så mycket snyggare. Man kan faktiskt sätta in dörrar som är äldre än huset. Vi bodde i en herrgård från 1700 talet förut och där på övervåningen hade man använt dörrar från 1500-talet från det tidigare huset, med fantastiskt smide.