Sunday, 14 September 2014

Harvest and safety

I do love this time of year, time of harvest. I have always been blessed by either having my own grown vegetables and fruit to harvest, or by friends and family.
I have now been given plenty of apple. It is a very good year for apple harvest. And as I simply looooove apple puree, I started a factory yesterday. It was a warm sunny day, so moved the peeling business outdoors;) Now I have so much appel puree, it will feed the finnish army aswell as my family and friends. I also baked a few applepies, and as I was busy in the kitchen I threw in a quiche aswell, feta cheese-spinach-cherry tomato. Unfortunately, I have had no time to collect glass-jars for my apple puree, so I had to use plastic bags and threw them in the freezer.

Later I placed my new fire-alarm on the ceiling. May I present Lento, by Paola Suhonen. Paola is the woman behind lovely Ivana Helsinki.

Ok. Anyone who has a pet and occasionally does yoga at home. You will understand. THIS. I so completely recognise and feel for guy carrying cat at 2:45.

Sunday. Have a good one!

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