Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I wish...

...I could post more pics of work made by my students. They are ever so talented and creative. 
But I can show you something! Above you can see a wallpaper made by two of my ex-students. Students design and print their own wallpaper in my class (part of the design-theme), sometimes they want to work in pairs. This is a collaboration with Jenny and Jonas aka J&J. They printed many strips and this one strip was given to me. I love it! I hung it with string. I nicked the idea from Deborah Bowness, her fab wallpapers are often hung on you know I have a weak spot for Deborahs work. I myself have e the Rose dress in green and Semi Drum in frames. Dear Genuine fake bookshelf was left behind in my old apartment, the ever so lovely Shoebox. The new owner of the Shoebox has also been charmed by Deborahs fake bookshelf wallpaper, as she has plans to get some more and cover even a larger area. I only had one strip. But. I do not think I can live without it, hih. Next time a certain someone is in London...well yes, very weak spot there for Deborah...

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Kreetta said...

Moi Ninitchi!

So fab find this lady. Have to make a bookmark right away. Thanks for sharing :)