Monday, 22 September 2014


We left for Repovesi Nationalpark on saturday morning. Rucksacks filled with goodies like smoked fish, fresh bread, water, coffee and chocolate (of course!). Weather was perfect!
We (me and L) chose a trail that was both challenging and fun. And we had a variety of landscape. After the suspension bridge, we had a high climb and were rewarded with the first spectacular view, seen above.

We enjoyed our delicious lunch by this lake (above).

We met a grass snake. I haven't seen one in many years, they have become quite rare. This particular one was very long, over one meter. It first got scared when we met, but after a short while it relaxed and we could watch it enjoying the sun and trying to look like any common branch on the ground. Or that is what I imagine it trying, hih! We didn't encounter any other rare animals, but a very well looking squirrel.

It was L's first visit. I have been several times. We both agreed upon returning. We travelled there as part of a group, but everyone chose a trail of their liking and we decided to hike by ourselves.

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