Saturday, 4 October 2014

Fly by

Well, that is what my days and weeks seem to do!

On thursday I saw a performance at Kapsäkki, by two of my colleagues, Vuokko and Taisto. called Pietari19142014. A poetic travelogue to St Petersburg, back in 1914 and today, 2014. A lovely performance. Here is a lovely song by Vuokko (it is not from the performance).
Whilst in Helsinki, I also ate at my favorite fast food restaurant. Yes. I know. Many of you raise your eyebrows now and wonder how this combo is possible. Well it is. I enjoy a certain kind of fast food. When it's made with love and care. At Fafa's. The Kallio branch is like an american diner. They play great music in the "back", the staff sing along, they dance, so did I! I love how the staff always greet you welcome with a smile, they call out your firstname when your food is ready, and the food is delicious. Pitabread from their own bakery. Falafels with feta cheese, fried eggplant, olive paste, vegetables and tzatziki. And a ginger beer. What more could you ask for?
And whilst in Helsinki. I saw a man dance with a huge metal circle. He was accompanied by guitar. It was magical.
And whilst in Helsinki. I bought a pair of vintage shoes. Please let me be invited to a party soon. Please. Oh, how convenient then that I in fact have an invitation for a party next weekend. Hih! Maybe baby I shall wear my vintage shoes then.

Today I have worked in my garden. Put away chairs and tables and pots and cans. Winter may come, I am ready. I hung my new outdoor lights. These are from Granit. And placed fairylights inside the little lantern. Now it looks like a little carnival when I come home, hih!

Took a run in the early evening, came home to churchbells ringing, helgmålsringning
 is what it is called in swedish. The evening was warm, a little rain, my carnival-lights greeting me when I came home. Felt so good!

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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