Sunday, 12 October 2014

Roses are red and Malala

Read an article a while ago, that next year you can study Skolt sami (koltansaami) at University of Oulu. A small step towards helping some of our minority languages live on...this is not in skolt sami, the singer Mari Boine is sami and she sings in another sami language. 

On friday I tried disc-golf (frisbeegolf) for the first time. It sure was tricky, but oh so much fun. Then sauna and pizza and a couple of beers and once my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep! 

Today I have spent time up in the attic. I'm placing a sort of windshield-paper on the floor, so that I can isolate the ceiling in the kitchen. Right now there's no point in heating the kitchen as all the heat goes up in thin air...I am crawling on all four on the beams and I can tell you, it starts to hurt on your knees after some hrs...I think a pair of knee pads would be great. I shall still continue, just having a short brake and blog, hih!

I really enjoyed these illustrations by brasilian illustrator Carol Rossetti, especially liked the loving and gentle approach. 

Sunday again. Have a good one! Roses from darling L. Yes, a very spoiled human beeing here, I know! I dedicate these roses to wonderful Malala.

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