Sunday, 5 October 2014

Socks and climbing underneath a house...

Today I climbed underneath my house. Several times. I have partly a new building, as the former veranda had to be re-built as it was too rotten to keep. And due to this newly built part, I was also able to build a bathroom, as there was no such space in the former floor planning. And this part needs all sorts of finishing touches. I have a ventilated base floor. That was common in old wooden houses and has proved very good, as these houses (with a ventilated base floor) are healthy and strong. But, one of the ventilation holes is located below ground, and most part of the surrounding ground is rock, so I cannot level it according to the base or ventilation hole. There I had a little nut to crack. How can I avoid flooding of the base in the spring when snow melts. I talked to several people and they all agreed upon my idea. The idea was to shut the ventilation hole with tin, that has a large hole for a tube. Then attach a 90degree piece that is attached to a pipe and then another 90degree piece as a sort of hat. And to keep the tube straight, there should be a tin on the inside, at the same level as the one on the outside. I had to glue the inside-piece of tin from the inside, even though I had calculated the Pythagorean theorem and cut the inside-piece accordingly. You see, inside there was a piece of wood in the ceiling, that came too close to the hole, so it was unfortunately not possible to slide the tin inside from the outside. So one (meaning me!) had to climb inside. It's a a bit tricky to get inside. One of the ventialtion holes is a larger hole, so that one can climb inside. But it is located behind an old flowerbed, so we first had to dig out a larger landing in front of the hole, because it was only 40cm wide, and  a grownup would not fit. We dig and eventually managed to get the sort of landing ground, so that I could first slide myself into sitting position with legs inside, then turn around and face the ground, and then slide inside and land on my knees. And then crawl, as it is only 70cm high down there. But I found my way in  and out of underneath my house several times, and now my friends, I can tell you, it is done. I have worked on leveling the ground in front of the building, to find the correct slope, so that water runs away from the building. L has been extremely generous and so very kind in helping me. Obviously it is also so much nicer to have a friend to work with.

And guess what? On friday I found a little parcel waiting for me when I got home. It contained my woolen knee-socks. I am very pleased! Lucky me, I shall be very warm this winter.They are even prettier in real. And they fit me perfectly. I already placed another order, in another colour comination, hih!

Sunday it is. Have a good one!

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Temps Perdu said...

Tack. Kände mej som en hjälte varje gång jag kröp mot utgången och såg ljuset! Men jag är den enda som vet hur det ser ut där nere, det går en massa rör och kablar därunder så det är viktigt att veta sin väg. Men nu tror jag att jag inte behöver krypa ner dit igen på en tid. Om det blir en riktigt kall vinter kan jag bli tvingen att krypa ner för att eventuellt isolera vattenrören mer. Men jag hoppas den isolering av rören jag gjorde i våras skall räcka. Men det är alltid svårt att veta hur mycker det behövs.