Saturday, 18 October 2014


...I just sit and watch the window above. Sometimes I enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, and watch. I really do enjoy my etched windows. I have two. This one is in my kitchen. The other one is in my living room-to-be.

During the week, me and L, saw a play at the Teater Viirus, Gräset är mörkare på andra sidan. We both enjoyed the play tremendously. We talked about the play and the fantastic scenography on the way home. All the way! It took us over an hour to get home;)
Before the play we enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate at a lovely restaurant with authentic vintage interior called Kolme Kruunua. Unfortunately we didn't have time to dine. But we will be back.

For the past two days I have been working on my renovation, full time. I have a short autumn-brake from work.  How wonderful! I have plans to do other things too, but, time just seems to fly by!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

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G:a Affären said...

Så vackert fönster, och i ett kök!
Såg att jag missat något inlägg hos dig som jag ska läsa ikapp under helgen.
Det låter så spännande med din reparation, kanske vi får se någon bild?
Önskar dig en fin helg!
Kramar //Cia