Sunday, 9 November 2014

Authentic fathersday

I left one piece of the wall untouched in the kitchen. The one with the most beautiful patina. I also left a few bits of wallpaper I found on the same wall, but I had to glue the pieces back as they came undone, probably because they dried once the house became heated and warm. The clock face is very old, also with the most spectacular patina. So, authentic and yet not all the way. But I think the fact I helped the wallpaper stay on is better than letting it go to waste.

Most of the original walls in my kitchen were ugly and dark, they were covered in old wide floorboard. Beautiful on floors and as ceiling. But as walls no. So I left them on the walls, but covered the walls with wooden panel and painted white. The floorboards were previously covered under many layers of wallpaper. I didn't want wallpaper in the kitchen, so that is why I chose wooden panel. So if anyone in the future wants to have dark wide floorboards as kitchenwalls, all they need to do is tear down the panel.

Sunday. Fathersday. I called my dear dad. It was good to hear him laugh over the phone. 

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