Saturday, 29 November 2014

Change of plans

My dear friend Johanna was supposed to visit this weekend, but had to cancel as she fell ill.It is not easy to cancel flights and we have been planning this trip for ages...but there are other weekends luckily. 
So my plans for the weekend changed.
My best friend Malin decided to pay me a visit, so we saw two exhibitions, one in the church by our friend Pauliina Turakka Purhonen (if you google her name, you'll find plenty of fascinating work). I thought some of her work were absolutely amazing and so touching. It is part of the churchs' 150th anniversary.
And at Almska gården (local Cultural Center), there are several different exhibitions on. We went to see the Iranian artists work. A photography exhibition of Afghan refugees in Iran by Shariar Khonsari and wonderful paintings called impression of Iranian moments by Susan Khonsari. I bought one of her paintings. I have seen the exhibition previously and one painting in particular has been on my mind since then. So I decided that, if it has not been sold, it shall be my christmaspresent! Many were sold, but this one was waiting for my red dot. Perfect!

Then we sat in a cafe and had some quiche and tea and shared a chocolate cake. We sat past their closing time, but were told there was no rush, they had a catering-job to take care of so we chatted away and then I waved goodbye to one of my absolute best friends!!!

Above are my fruitbasket and some linenflowers in a basket.

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