Saturday, 22 November 2014

I can see the light.

I have lived with most of my posessions tucked away in boxes for soon 6 months. Now I have finally managed to locate my light-therapy-lamp. I find it helps during the darkest time of year. I do try to get out to see daylight, but sometimes it just is plain grey and dark all day, and I feel slightly drained. I think most people in my hemisphere do, this time of year.We should just be tucked inside with plenty chocolate , burning candles and listen to the radio.
I can see the light is also a sentence form my most loved novel The Brothers Lionheart by Astrid Lindgren. I have it as an audiobook aswell, read by the author. The book means so much to me. I became a little preacher when I had first read it... and I believe I managed to convince my dearest grandmother Vieno-mummo that one day we will meet in Nangijala.

Today I became so happy when I heard the absolute best, no bestestest version of Je crois entendre encore by Beniamino Gigli on the radio. Come on, recorded in 1925! I am so born in the wrong era. This makes me cry it is so beautiful!!!! I know I should give the other singers a chance, but this version is just pure perfection for me. Please enjoy.

Happy weekend!

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