Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I found a note

I was at a fleamarket and opened a small drawer in an old cupboard. I found this note. It says "Merry Christmas Tapio" and then there is a guide for heating up a traditional casserole that we have for our christmas dinners. On the other side it said "Thank you for the flower".

I closed the drawer. It felt so very private. Warmed my heart though to think that someone once wanted Tapio to have casserole for Christmas.
But, it also made me think of all the lonely people out there. Who spend holidays on their own. There are obviously plenty of people who choose not to celebrate or choose to be by themselves and who aren't lonely.
This was for me somehow very finnish. How can I put my finger on it...there are no more words that necessary. The act itself is kindness.

I hope that whoever buys the cupboard also cherishes the little note.