Tuesday, 30 December 2014

More movies...

It's great beeing on holiday and live where Ilive. Last night whilst we were having supper, L suddenly suggested we should check out yet another movie. A movie I sort of jokingly suggested we should check out when we saw the trailer the other day. So once we had eaten and enjoyed coffee and even made the dishes, we walked to the cinema and got comfortable with our 3D-glasses and enjoyed Exodus. We both really enjoyed it! I must admit I did not expect to actually be so caught up in the film. I was slightly amused at first with the various english accents and the make-up, you know the heavy eyeliners, the dark foundation, the black wigs. So in the beginning when they showed slaves pulling heavy blocks of stone, I could not help myself from whispering "sorry, but I think it's polystyrene" ...luckily L has a (good!) sence of humour...

I have been busy for a few days...yesterday my friend asked if I wanted an old cupboard of hers, she is moving out of her workshop, and has some furniture that needs to be relocated. So the cupboard moved into my kitchen. A little detail below. It is so beautiful. It is a perfect pair for my cabinet. A small detail in the lower picture.

Then I hurried home to pick up my stuff and off I hurried to play badminton with L. After an hour on court I hurried home after a quick shower, to meet yet another friend...

And rest is history.

Today has also been a friend day. I met up with my friend Ulla,  who lives in a village nearby, for lunch. We laughed so much, she was about to fall off the chair. This time it wasn't me! I am usually the one that falls off chairs laughing.

Today we are not heading to the cinema, hih! Our friends from Luxemburg are coming for a visit.

Midweek. Enjoy!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Serious business

Today we had a proper waffle-feast with my parents. We have already become experinced wafflebakers, and we have a working routine: I make the dough and L bakes the waffles.

My parents just sighed with delight and enjoyed waffles with strawberry-jam and whipped cream with a hint of vanilla. Isn't it funny how waffles makes us remember? It is so connected to memories. Almost everyone whom has heard that we bake waffles say, oh waffles, we used to make waffles, but not anymore. I wonder why? It's not complicated or timeconsuming.
We bought a waffle-iron that bakes two waffles at the same time.  That is efficient and serious waffle-business!

We even had umbrellas...hih!

Yummy!  Life is sooooo goooood!!!

Thursday, 25 December 2014


On christmas eve, we enjoyed a long breakfast and then headed out for a walk. First we took candles to the graveyard. L's grandparents were all remembered with candles and also his first wife's loved ones.
Then we walked to his familys summerhouse, lit a candle and headed down to the sea and walked along the shore, enjoying the beauty of this city we live in.

We then had lunch, I prepared Toast Skagen and we enjoyed some sparkling wine.

After lunch we started to prepare for the evening, our first christmas  together and our first christmas in my house.
We listened to christmas-music and were ready when we had a knock on the door at exactly 5p.m. Our guest K arrived.
We enjoyed plenty of fish in all forms (raw, marinated, smoked, sill) and as I do not eat meat (luckily L does not care for meat much either) we had plenty of veggie dishes in all forms.

Above is the christmas-bouquet.
After desert we had coffee and cakes and chocolate and some port. And then, we heard a knock on the door. We weren't expecting anyone, so it took some time for us to run to the door. When we opened, we found a sack on the steps. It was father Christmas who had left a whole bunch of pressies for all of us!

After dinner L walked K home, they stopped by the graveyard to look at the sea of candles. Their friendship goes way back, to their childhood.

I made a fire and waited for L to return. We then enjoyed some mulled wine in candlelight.

Once again, I am grateful for everything. We had a wonderful christmas!

I received so many gifts! Books, mittens, a calender to hang on the wall, an antique kitchenscale, dotted lacecurtain...THANK YOU!

Today, on christmasday, we again had a loooooong breakfast, then we snoozed for a while. The sunny weather was so inviting so we got dressed and took a long walk.
We stopped for lunch at L's house and when we walked back to my house, we were surrounded by this magical light. Impossible to catch on camera, this is just a few hundred meters from my house.

After dinner L suggested we go to the movies to see The Hobbit. I live just around the corner from our local cinema. What an excellent movie for christmas-day, hih!

Now I shall read and sleep. I also need to finish off my christmas-gift for L. I had knitted a hat, which was ready for christmas. But the scarf needs another 10cm.

Enjoy! Love to all!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

It´s time...

Last week, I manged to squeeze in a short trip to Helsinki on thursday evening, to meet up with my knitting ladies. There we sat, all together again, at cafe Fleuriste. Time always flies when we meet, so I hope to see you all soon again!

On friday I had friends over, we sat and chatted for hours on end. What joy it is to have a huge table to gather friends around. Oh my, I've forgotten to tell you, I found a 40's table at the fleamarket, a real bargain! Now we can be plenty at the table in my house!

I spent a mini-christmas with my parents on saturday, as my parents spend christmas with my brother and his family. They live approx 200km away from me. So we meet up before christmas and eat and spend time together.
Last night, me and L and hundreds of others, gathered at the church to hear the local choir perform christmas songs. A beautiful event. I sang with the choir last autumn, the idea was for me to be with them up until christmas and the annual christmas-concert. But I fell ill just before the consert and lost my voice! I would love to sing with them, I just don't have that time, and I am not known for doing things half-heartedly and now this year I have the renovation that takes up all my sparetime...but maybe one day...
I enjoyed last night so much. Thank you sooooo much for a beautiful night. L and me enjoyed mulled wined after and a certain someone baked gingerbread at midnight...

It's time. To THANK YOU for all your kind comments, your messages and your cards. It's time to wish you all a merry christmas.

Here is an alltime favorite, Louis Armstrong, Is that you Santa Claus? Enjoy!

Above is my christmas-bouquet. Red roses, red amaryllis, pine-branches, eucalyptus branch. I have since taking the pic, added a red anemone.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Holy smoke (part three)...

...there is an advent star.
I bought this one at Indiska. I love the colours. My friends are all drooling over this one, so here's some good news for ya, it's on discount right now...oh yes...but as I am not sponsored by the company I feel really silly to ask you all to head over to their dot com site;) But do if you want to grab a bargain.

One more morning and then this lady is on holiday.

I have received so many gifts, so many christmascards, so thank you all, you are spoiling this human!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Holy smoke (part two)...

...there is a christmasflower-table!
The Amaryllis was on -50% sale at my local shop, so I decide to get two. Once I was at the checkout, I was told that I was only charged for one, as apparently I am very nice, hih! My favorite cashier <3 p="">
But, the flowers on the table keep increasing because I cannot stop folding Kusudama-flowers;)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Holy smoke...

...there is a christmastree!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


It is so terribly dark here in Finland, I have many small lightsources placed around my house.
Above is something hanging in my bedroomwindow, it's small lampshades on a fairylight-string. You may have seen it before, when I lived in the beloved shoebox.
Take care in the dark! 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Light and music

Yesterday, on the 13th of december, we celebrate Saint Lucia, it's the day of light.
Me and L cykled about in wet snow. We enjoyed tea and delicious cakes in a wonderful house by a pond. I received hugs and kisses and cakes and L just laughed and shook his head and said he has never met anyone who receives as many smiles and waves and hugs and kisses and cakes (!) as me. I am truly blessed! And grateful. A very spoiled creature stepping on this planet. There we sat in their wintergarden with all this and so much more, enjoying the lemons growing and the roses in bloom. The light in the first picture is colder than it was in real, due to the lamp they had for the plants. My camera caught that light in the picture. In real it was very cosy and warm.
Above is also their greenhouse in the garden.

We later dined in a lovely rustic restaurant, called Degerby Gille, we had wonderful lentilsoup. Later we chose a small christmastree to have on my veranda and then we cykled home in rain! Not much of seasonal spirit when it comes to weather...

Previously during the week, on thursday,  I travelled to Kotka (about ½hrs by car). Some friends of mine performed at the beautiful conserthouse. The gig was sooooo good! Here is Tahtoisin, tahtoisin.

Last week of work before my christmas-holiday, jeee! Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

First Aid Kit

Yesterday we (L and me) attended a fabulous great concert in Helsinki, First Aid Kit. We both like them tremendously, and enjoyed the concert. Both concerts are sold out, but as I am born under lucky stars, a certain someone received invitations...yes, I have said it before and I'll say it again, I am so spoiled!
It is wonderful to be in a concert where all is in tune, you don't have to worry about false sounds or the music being too loud.
Perfect is the word!

Here is My Silver Lining, a great tune. 

Above are my hooks I made of vintage cutlery.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Feeling a wee bit shy...

...or perhaps she got caught in the act;)

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Waffles for the people!

Yesterday was our independence day in Finland. This is among the things we did. 

Have a great upcoming week!