Sunday, 14 December 2014

Light and music

Yesterday, on the 13th of december, we celebrate Saint Lucia, it's the day of light.
Me and L cykled about in wet snow. We enjoyed tea and delicious cakes in a wonderful house by a pond. I received hugs and kisses and cakes and L just laughed and shook his head and said he has never met anyone who receives as many smiles and waves and hugs and kisses and cakes (!) as me. I am truly blessed! And grateful. A very spoiled creature stepping on this planet. There we sat in their wintergarden with all this and so much more, enjoying the lemons growing and the roses in bloom. The light in the first picture is colder than it was in real, due to the lamp they had for the plants. My camera caught that light in the picture. In real it was very cosy and warm.
Above is also their greenhouse in the garden.

We later dined in a lovely rustic restaurant, called Degerby Gille, we had wonderful lentilsoup. Later we chose a small christmastree to have on my veranda and then we cykled home in rain! Not much of seasonal spirit when it comes to weather...

Previously during the week, on thursday,  I travelled to Kotka (about ½hrs by car). Some friends of mine performed at the beautiful conserthouse. The gig was sooooo good! Here is Tahtoisin, tahtoisin.

Last week of work before my christmas-holiday, jeee! Enjoy your week!

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Cheri said...

Suukkoja, tervehdyksiä ja kakkuja ei voi saada liikaa :) Olen käynyt tuossa puutarhassa lammen rannalla, taisi olla vanhojen talojen päivä. Että vielä talvipuutarhakin, huikeaa.