Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Cabbage and flora

I made cabbage-stew today. My parents are comig to visit tomorrow and it is an easy and very lovely dish, suitable for winter. It easy to make, you just prepare and let it simmer for hours if you want. I serve it with lingonberries. I find it is absolutely best the second day, that is why I try prepare cabbage-stew one day in advance if possible.

Here is my little fun project I have been working on:
As I bought an old house with just walls and roof, no storage was available. I either have to build storage or buy furniture. But with a tight budget I cannot afford to buy stuff all the time. That is why, if I come by usable things I try to make the best of it. As with this small cabinet. It was fine, but not really my style and the doors were in need of repair. So I decided to cover the doors with pages from an old german flora. Some of you may remember I wallpapered a wall in my small apartment ( the "shoebox") with these same pages, some years ago. I still have plenty pages left and can use them for all sorts of projects.
I am pleased with the outcome for this cabinet. Now I have a place for bedlinen, towels, tablecloths, etc.
I used Joseph Franks' famous cabinet "Flora" as an inspiration. 




G:a Affären said...

Men så lyckat! Knappt jag kan förstå att det är samma skåp, det blev ett fantastiskt resultat!

Som du ser så har jag läst ikapp alla inlägg jag missat, förstår inte varför jag "tappat bort" dig i bloggvärlden.
Kramar /Cia

Temps Perdu said...

Och tack, jag är supernöjd med skåpet, det funkar och stör inte då det var så fult innan. Kram!