Thursday, 1 January 2015


Things I really like doing are called doings. Here are some.

Today, after a wonderful lazy looooong morning with my darling, I walked to my workshop and scraped an old chair of paint. I purchaised it for 10 euros, decided to try give it a new chapter in its history. It has been standing outdoors for long and the paint was flaking when I got it. I wasn't really sure if it possible to save, as it had some mould under the paint. Not all over, just in a few places.
So I let it dry first, then scraped the paint (today), and washed it with natural soap and brush. Now I will let it dry again, then glue the pieces properly, add some new wood for the seat (missing pieces) and either use linseed oil or wax. It will be a beauty. One day.

This is how much paint I scraped off:

The cupboard I got previously during the week, well, it was missing a back for the top shelf. So I made one to fit from cardboard and painted it. Almost the same, but not quite. It is soooooo good in my kitchen.

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G:a Affären said...

Lite symboliskt att skrapa bort allt det fula och samla det i en hög. Och sedan; blotta en skönhet! Med lite mer omvårdnad kommer den kanske att få en hedersplats.

Kramar /Cia