Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Before dinner we headed to the shore, to enjoy a firework-show. We had packed with us champagne-glasses and sparkling wine. The show was spectacular!
I like this pic as it looks like a medusa, hih!

We then walked home, accompanied by our friends and neighbours and their 3 children.
Once home, we made dinner together with L. He chopped the vegetables and I continued with the rest. We made Creme Vichyssoisse, not as a starter, but as main course. We had so much mayonnaise left from christmas, so we decided to have toast Skagen again. We love toast Skagen, so it was not a hard decision to make, hih!

For desert I had made a Skyr cake, but without Skyr.
Skyr is an icelandic dairy product, we have something similar called rahka. I used vanilla-flavoured rahka. For the bottom I used Bastogne bisquits. The Skyr-cake is an easier and faster version of a cheese-cake. Topped with fresh berries. I used blueberry.

We enjoyed dinner and planned to take a walk at midnight, and perhaps spot some fireworks. But dear Muru (my cat) became so scared of the bangs from the fireworks, that we decided to stay at home and keep her company and make her feel safe. So we climbed onto our bed, with Muru between us, some candles lit, listening to music (most of my records are tucked away still, but managed to locate my Melody Gardot cd's, so we listened to this), sipping champagne and eating chocolate and tell each other what we dream and wish for. Muru was pleased, purring away, stretched long between us. It is so lovely that we can make her feel so safe. I could not have wished for a lovelier way to step, or in our case, gently slip into a new year.

The candleholder is so dear to me, it is a gift from my mother. She bought it in Berlin. A city she has visited many many times, and really loves. Due to her condition, I doubt she will ever return.

Happy New Year dear friends! You are the best! 

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G:a Affären said...

Ser att jag missat flera inlä i denna stund kikar jag in för att önska dig ett Gott Nytt År!
Lyktan från din mamma är så vacker, förstår att den är dig extra kär.

Kramar /Cia