Sunday, 15 February 2015


I watched The Notebook film tonight. Oh my does it make me cry. I think it's really lovely, sort of reminds me of my parents. My mother has alzheimer. There are very good days, and there are less good days, and there are days. She very often asks my dad to tell her how they met. In fact, many times a day. In the film the lady has dementia. Here's the trailer.
I love the song featured in the film, I'l be seeing you, by the one and only Billie Holiday.

And as I was in a kind of sentimental mood, I was about to write my darling a good night text, as he is far away at the moment. And right then, when I'm writing him, he calls me. I wasn't expecting that! And I started to cry. Because I was so happy. Because I miss him like crazy. Because I love him!
Soon he'll be back home again!

I need to get up early. I have a course to attend. I'll tell you more about that later. Sleep well!

Above is a picture from my favorite café, Tuhannen tuskan kahvila. It was the first café I went to when I moved to this small town. I lived just a few houses away and in the weekends, I sat in their garden and read the paper and had breakfast. Leena, the owner, always stayed for a while by my table and talked to me. I didn't know anyone. And it was just so lovely, the next time I came back, she remembered me. She even remembered some things I had told her. It made me feel so welcome and since then, the café and Leena has a special place in my heart.

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