Thursday, 26 March 2015

Descendant of a peasant

Last night, me and L, saw Anna Järvinen in consert at Tavastia in Helsinki.

Again, it was such a wonderful treat to hear her live. I have seen her two previous concerts in Helsinki and always felt her songs fill me with love. I was happy! I AM happy!

Here is Nattmusik, enjoy!

Above is a sentence, the greeting to end a speech held by the representative of the peasant class, (adressed to the Grand Duke of Finland, Nicholas II of Russia) held at Parliament in year 1900. In finish. It is hilarious, as one would never adress anyone like this anymore. 115 years later I laugh at how my ancestors had to humiliate themselves. At the time we had a very strict class society, the peasants being the poor working class. In some aspects, nothing has changed. The poor still have to humiliate themselves in many ways. For example when your salary for your work is not enough to live on and you are forced to apply for social welfare. It is wrong.
It is soon our parliamentary elections. This matter is also one of the aspects I consider when choosing a candidate. Animal rights is also something I find important. 

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