Sunday, 15 March 2015

Dream a little dream...

We (L and me) managed to catch Roy Andersson's latest film, En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron (A pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existance).
I have seen the two previous films in the triology. He is faithful to his very own unique style. I think people either like (a lot) or dislike (a lot) his style. I find him a humanist. I thought the film was awful at times and very funny at times.

So completely different to the film we saw a few days prior. Kingsman. My goodness. So much violence!!! And still, I enjoyed it. I usually cannot stand violent films, and I am usually against the use of violence in most films as it seems to be what so many films are about. Normalizing violence. It feels so awkward to say I enjoyed Kingsman, as it is a very violent film.

Today I dreamed about when my other rooms are ready...then me and my friends shall sit in my livingroom (to be) in candlelight, sip on some sherry or port, listen to jazz on my old grammophone, one of those you have to wind up, eat some bebe-pastries (small delicious pastries with a crusty base, filled with vanillacream and topped off with a lid of frosting) and just be. What would life be without visions and dreams. Not all are meant to be fullfilled, but one has to have dreams and visions in life to find a direction...
This silly little dream shall be fulfilled. I love to sip on port (I seldom do, but still...) and I love homemade bebe-pastries, and I happen to have a grammophone and old jazz records and the most wonderful friends and my livingroom will be so wonderful once it is ready...
I've always been a dreamer and had my visions... sometimes, even years later I might even become a wee bit scared when I realize that so many of the things I've dreamed of have become true. I have never been afraid of tackling and going towards my dreams. We, the ones who are privileged to say things like this out loud, we have a chance to live a pretty damn good life. And for me that means to be thankful. For everything I have! And that we so often take for granted. A home. Friends. Love. Health. Work. Money. Time to dream. And so much more! All in random order.

Sunday evening. Time to say goodbye to yet anohter wonderful weekend.

Time also to complete my letter to my dear friend G. He is an inmate in an american prison. We have been penpals and friends for a long time. We have become very close. In this friendship I have a responsability to not give him hope, he is on deathrow. And I also have responsability in not making him fall in love with me. For ex. I like to be gentle in my words, but there is a risk, and I must be clear if I use tender words. Because in my opinion this is not the place to make your selfasteem grow, to make someone dream of you and in their mind picture you as a dreampartner, the same way as there is a risk if a person is internet dating. If you are the slightest desperate or have very low selfasteem, you can easily make up a dream-partner and even fall in love without ever having met the other person. We all have heard of the most absurd stories of how inmates marry persons they've never met.
But there's no such risk anymore as we have been friends for a long time. G is one of the most caring people I know. And his humour, well, he is very funny. But it makes my heart very heavy, as there are days when he has no reason to get up.
You must all by now know that I am a hundred percent against death penalty. Everyone screws up. A lot of young kids in america screw up at a very young age, there are guns and there are drugs and there are gangs. A world I know very little about. But I do not want to feel sorry for my dear friend G. That does not help him. I rather feel sympathy, and I care.
Our correspondance is not about his committed crime, nor do I write about my opinion regarding deathrow.
There are so many other things to write about. Believe me. It's the sort of friendship I will value for the rest of my life. Everytime I receive a letter from dearest G, I always try to save it like a treat. And what joy it is to read. He has a tremendous gift in writing. So if any of you are interested in starting a correspondance with a prisoner, please be in touch, I can give you more information if you wish.
Obviously, it is wise to remember that once you start, you should stick to it. As you might become a very important friend. So it is good to think of what sort of commitment you make.And obviously one does not have to choose an inmate on deathrow if it feels too heavy to tackle.

Above is a picture from last year when I was in Italy. My friends are walking there, in the sun! A few months later we met up in Berlin. And walked in the sun.
It has been so sunny of late. A few years back, when I was involved with an eu-project, we had a meeting in Turkey and we stayed on for some days in Istanbul and we had booked this wonderful hotel that had a terrace overlooking the Bosphorus, we enjoyed looooong breakfasts on the terrace, in the sun. Spring bloomed when we were there. The cherrytrees were in bloom and tulips. I flew home to Helsinki and the next day I flew to Berlin for a short holiday. And spring bloomed when I was there, we sat outdoors eating brekfast and lunch, we sat in parks and cykled. That year I experienced spring three times!


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