Friday, 20 March 2015

Fascinating times

During the week we have been able to see shooting stars and northern lights. If you looked up in the sky. At night. Well, unfortunatley it was not at all that simple. Where I live it was faaaaar too light at night. I spotted loads of stars, but was unsure if I spotted any shooting stars, maybe I was trying too hard and was  hence unsure. So I kept wishing, just to be on the safe side - one does not want to miss an opportunity to wish upon a star, if there is one.

But I only saw northern lights through friends photos posted on facebook. Wonderful!

Today I watched the solar eclipse through a dark lens, but I missed the exact moment, but I saw the sun when a little corner of the sun was covered, as if someone had taken a bite of a biscuit.

Yesterday I met up with my dear friend T and we saw Slava (the link is in finnish) at the National Theatre. My goodness what a play. I so enjoyed it!

Above is a vintage school poster.

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