Sunday, 1 March 2015

Then there was a...

... windmill!
I found the painting at the fleamarket. It has a portrait painted on the reverse side. That used to be custom for artists to do, to either paint over a previous painting, or turn the canvas.
I shall keep this for now, maybe one day I shall turn the canvas as the portrait is beautiful. On the fleamarket pricetag it said "Local windmill". We have a beautiful windmill, just a few hundred meters away from my house, it stands tall. I took a picture of it at christmas. It could in fact be the exact same windmill. The painting is not signed, so I do not know if it is by a local artist.

On friday me and L went to see a local band play. Very few turned up. But the band gave their best, they even played an encore for us. Me and L spontaneously ended up for a few drinks at a nightclub. And a certain someone even sang a karaokesong, hih;)

On saturday we had a date, we saw a really silly swedish movie called Micke och Veronika, and then we had dinner. What a great saturday!

And the weekend continues with yet another movie, tonight I shall see The Imitation game. All my friends have spoken only well of the film.

Have a wonderful sunday!


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G:a Affären said...

Det var en fin tavla, det är något speciellt med väderkvarnar. Intressant också att tavlan har två målningar! Kanske vi får se den andra sidan också...
Kramar /Cia