Saturday, 25 April 2015


Today I baked apple-roses and planted some violets in my garden. The apple-roses were made using this recipy. Since I do not have a microwave, I squeezed a lemon in water and boiled the apple slices for a few minutes. The only tricky thing was to make sure not to press the apple slices out when rolling the pastry. So I had to re-do my first roses due to the slices falling off, I also made the pastry strips slightly wider, as to make sure the slices would secure better once I started rolling. I do not own a muffin cup but I had some muffin cups in paper in my cupboard. Fun! And delicious. Not too sweet either.

I saw these violets in the grocery store today and I immediately fell for them, now they live in the old basket on the gardenchair.

This year, in Lovisa, we have a small project called doors for the little people (?). Not sure the term is correct, I've only heard the term in finnish pikkuväki and in swedish småfolket. So there will be small doors inside houses and outdoors, in the gardens and on housefacades, on gates and stone bases. My two doors are pictured in this article. The one on the left, well, rumours say it was built the same year my house was built, in the year 1900. Then there was a lot of love in the air and the dearest of all moved in 1934, hence the year on the door. As you can see, mezeron is in bloom, it still grows in the garden. Except the evil Fröken Wiklund who now lives in the house will extirpate the plant in her garden. Because it is so toxic. The berries can easily kill an adult. The blue door again has another story...
My friend Maria who is the lady behind the project, said she was sorry our names were not mentioned in the pictures.
I have a few doors in the making, so not sure which ones will be in the project yet.

Me and L have been working in the garden. Moving old timber, old broken doors, stuff that cannot be saved, into a pile that I shall take the garbage station soon. But I shall not yet work on the garden, it is what it is, but I try to keep it tidy and in control. If I don't cut down some plants, they will take over. I have so many lilacs, I could start exporting and save Finland's economy!

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Floss said...

Marvellous! I think little people is a good term. We could also call them little folk or the Old People (I think that's Irish). I like the way we can see the connections between the English and the Swedish. My son and I have just watched a series about Viking archaeology and it was great!