Sunday, 19 April 2015

Butterflies, butterflies and even more butterflies. And Election day!

It's the Finnish parliament elections today.  I have always voted and hopefully I always will be able to. Something I feel proud to do. As a woman. As a citizen. Not everyone has this right. And it is something my ancestors have fought for. And I always enjoy a cake and coffee afterwards. There was no café open in this small town today, so I had to get the cakes from the shop. There was no other sort. Banana-republic, hih!

After I had voted, me and L took a stroll to see an exhibition he has wanted to see for a long time, me too, for that matter. It is by a photographer called Niclas Warius. He creates stillebens and they are all very beautiful. We enjoyed all the pictures, but we agreed that a coffetable book would be perfect for this sort of art. It was nice to see the sort of stillebens I often create in my own home, pictured. There were dresses hanging, dried flowers, vintage objects...

I don't seem to be able to have a home without my butterflies.
I first had my butterflies here. And then here. Then in the lovely shoebox. And now here in my house as seen above.

 I also made a butterfly "wallpaper" for my friend Malin. Here I used many butterflies as I happened to have many at the time. Usually I only use half the amount to create the Ninitchi butterfly "wallpaper". The idea came from a comment I heard that if you rent an apartment you cannot make anything nice or put your own touch to it. So I created something that doesn't ruin a plain painted wall, once you want to remove the butterflies you just wet them and after a few minutes you can remove them and there's no mark or stains left on the wall. The Ninitchi butterfly "wallpaper" butterflies are made of old booksheets. Very easy.

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