Friday, 17 April 2015

During the week

On wednesday L and I were invited to our friend Maria. Oh my. We were all spoiled by wonderful tales, Maria is such a wonderful storyteller. Right now she is writing a book, and we were spoiled by fantastic details of the stories and enjoyed wonderful chocolate cakes and sparkling wine. It was delicious and dangerous. The chocolate cakes served were out of this world. The most dangerous cake was called a "chocolate bomb". It had a chocolate cover, inside chocolate mousse and the base was meringue. Once you took a bite it melted...oh my! I secretly dream of that chocolate bomb! Some of the guests serenaded our hostess with beautiful songs. We cykled home feeling spoiled when we recalled the evening,  all the guests and that we have such wonderful friends.

Last night we attended a small venue, at an old estate called Rutumin kartano. Our friends Rita and Denise performed with their duo Agricolas döttrar. After the performance the hostess of the estate introduced the main building and it's wonderful history going back to year 1700. We were then served coffe and tea, small pastries and cakes. The guests were mainly locals from this small village and it was so sweet when they asked how far we had come and who we were. A small elderly lady sat next to L and told him she had lived across the road to the estate her whole life, and that she had played with the children of the estate and even learned swedish due to this friendship.

Later we sat in my kitchen, lit the candles in the chandelier and drank some more tea. That is when I took the picture seen above. The candlelight reflecting in my etched window.

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