Sunday, 5 April 2015


It has been lovely to have a little holiday.
Yesterday and the day before, we cykled about, watching the nature waking up to spring,

Yesterday we rambled through two flea-markets. I found an old photograph, I think it might be from the 70's. The size is a little larger than an A4, por slightly smaller than an A3, hih!
It was (in my opinion) over-exposed, so I tinted it. The building I tinted is the Pilasters mansion in Lovisa. The building to the right no longer exists. I shall find a black frame for it. I think it turned out just perfect - as I think the original was just perfect too.



In the evening we visited our friend Rita. She also renovates an old house, she is wonderful, she has saved an old house again! We drank strong coffee, ate cheeses and crackers and fudge and she sang for us by her piano and we sat by the candlelight and had goosebumps as it was all so wonderful, what a wonderful life!

Even later in the evening we decided to meet up with some friends in a bar and listen to our friend Kalle perform. We had a couple of beers and rode home in springrain.

I fell asleep happy.

Now I cannot stop listening to Norah Jones. I love this song. 

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