Friday, 3 April 2015

Friends and food

Last night me and my friends Maria and Mayank made rawfood "lasagna". I love rawfood! It is very easy to make and if any of you want to try it, here is the recipe.
We had raw chocolate for desert, and drank ginger tea and talked for hours and hours. I am blessed with wonderful friends.

Now it's time to start preparing easter-food. I am making a feta-spinach-quiche, yes I know it is very last season - so 80's! But, I had a piece last week and it was flavoured with nutmeg, which is perfect with spinach, I use it when making spinach sauce or as a sidedish. So of course it makes a difference when used in a quiche! I was planning to add a green salad with vinegrette sauce. For lunch.

For dinner I'm making lentilsoup with both dried and fresh coriander, cumin and coconutmilk. And bread with butter.

We shall also enjoy our traditional delights as mämmi and pasha.

Above is my easter-bouquet. Red tulips with branches of lilacs I cut last weekend. As a vase I have a jug my parents once brought as a gift from france. An iranian potter named H. Vahdat, whom made the most wonderful pottery. I also have a few other pieces.

Time to invite wonderful Billie Holiday to sing in my kitchen, cook, lit some candles and love love love. What more can one wish for! Happy easter to my christian friends! Happy long holiday to my non-christian friends!

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