Saturday, 11 April 2015


Just in for a short brake, to sit down for a moment, drink a glass of juice.
Then I shall change clothes, I shall take my two wiener chairs outdoors, give them a slight rub with sandpaper and add some dark stain and finish off with wax. At the moment they are too light for my taste. I believe them to be from the 90's. They are of good quality so hence I want to give them new life. It's perfect weather to work outdoors. I'll show you the outcome once they are ready.

Above is a framed card of a Modigliani painting. Many years ago I was teareyed at a small museum in London when I suddenly stood in front of a real Modigliani painting. It was smaller than I had expected, so warm and beautiful. I posted this same image on fb and haf a short dialogue with a friend, also told about my meeting with the painting in the museum. She posted this link: HIH!

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