Sunday, 10 May 2015


Today we celebrate all mothers. It is a beautiful sunny day! Above is a little vintage weatherworn lampshade hanging from a tree in my garden, it is fun to sit under the tree and look at it swing softly in the wind, with the prisms. 

During the week I painted rugs on the pavement with my students. I shall upload pics of the ready rugs, once it is done. It has been such a fun project to take part in, we have received such nice comments and praise for our work. The students feel they are part of something special and that is what counts.

Yesterday me and L traveled to Helsinki, and took a ferry over to the Sveaborg fortress. We attended a guided tour of parts of the fortress and dined at café Chapman. We were treated to great food and the staff were so kind, we spoke to one of the waiters, he came up to us and asked were we came from and he told about himself, how he works as a gardener on the island and during the high peaks, he steps in and helps out waitering. Such a sweet soul.

Above is the floor inside one of the "caves" in the fort. It  probablyhas been added later. So beautiful. I took the picture to add to my file of pics to use when I design my patio or greenhouse, this sort of floor would be perfect.

We later attended a UIT show at the Peacock-theatre at the Borgbacken amusementpark. Two of my friends are performing in this years show called Kivaa ja korkealta. Even though shows aren't really my cup of tea, to be honest, I really enjoyed the few hours at the theatre. Kiitos Timo ja Puntti!

When we came home in the early evening we took a little cykleride, payed a visit to our friend Taika and ended up having a few beers in a local pub with friends. What a day! What a wonderful day!

Today I made asparagus with a little salad and waffles as desert. I think me and L are eligible for the Epicurean of the year -award, hih!

Have a wonderful sunday-evening! 


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