Sunday, 17 May 2015


What have I done for the past three days? Drilling mostly! With the kind help of my darling L and my dad. We work so well together, and my parents are so charmed and love L!

It all started with this drawing by L and me. 

Then I bought all material that I needed from a local hardware store and had it all shipped to my garden, just in time for us to start.

Now the groundwork was ready and we built the steps. This is were we ended after the second day, friday. And I attended a 50th birthday in Helsinki. What a wonderful party it was, so many old friends, wonderful touching performances. Fell asleep a very happy human beeing!

We continued work on saturday and finished the terrace. Voilá! There are few small details we shall work on today with L. But first we shall attend a dance-performace by my students.

First breakfast on the terrace!!!

Next year I shall paint the terrace with Roslags-mahogny, I love the warm shade, it will be a good contrast to the grey facade. I have black details, the outdoor lantern/ light is black, above my door there will be a black canopy, the letterbox is I need a warm shade.
Have you read this?  Inhabitants in a small german town asked to be allowed to welcome asylum-seekers as they no longer could stand the horrible news! We need more of these kind of news. Because not all Europeans are anti-immigrants! Love!!!!

I am so compeletely charmed by Yonas new album. I listen to it nonstop! Here is wonderful Uusi taivas. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful sunday dear friends!

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