Saturday, 27 June 2015

A bargain

I found this lovely chair at the fleamarket. A real bargain for 20 euros. The back was upholstered, but I prefer it without. The seat has too much stuffing, so I shall take care of that too...but still perfect for Muru to sit on, hih!

It is raining again. So my cobblestone-project has to wait. Surely one can work when it is raining but I am not that eager...

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Cobblestone project

So that is all I can think of and talk about and plan and do and dream and write about... Well luckily it hasn't gone that far. Yet.
This is how far I got yesterday. Today L helped me get some more stones. He is the kindest. So tomorrow I can continue...

I am very pleased with the outcome. It is all natural stone, so the sizes vary, some are rather big and quite deep in the soil. I think this sort of cobblestone suits my garden better than the new cobblestones that are often very similar in size.

One small step towards one of my dreams...I have always been weak for small gardens with cobblestone and lilacs. When in Gothenburg, I had to stop at every gate and sigh and fill my heart and soul with all the beautiful inner gardens, all covered in, yes, cobblestone and with lilacs. Those images never left me. And here I am, many years later, my garden is surrounded with lilacs and now there shall be cobblestone too. I want to sit on a bench with my darling, hold his hand and hum to any of his favorite songs and look at him closing his eyes as he listens to my humming...

But first I need to finish the project!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


I used to do a lot of dancing before, now for ther past few years, it is only occasional. Simply as I haven't had time, due to I am renovating a house!

But yesterday I attended a course in Helsinki. We did the basic waltz, oh, how I enjoy those long slides on the floor and the turns, yes, let's do more turns! We also did a really showy cha cha, I smiled all the way home as I was a happy gal'! To wear dancing shoes, they have a t-strap and heels and a skirt, oh happy joy-joy! I am by no means a ballroom type of dancer, but I do enjoy some ballroom dances, but not the competing styles. They are no longer natural in my opinion.

The music was wonderful, we waltzed to Charles Aznavour! My goodness, I loved his music as a child! Here is one of my favorites, Non, je n'ai rien oublié.

Time to continue with the cobblestone -project...

Above are my veggies on the kitchen counter. I keep salt in a shell. It is handy when cooking.

Be well my friends!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Midsummer, mittumaari

So now we have celebrated midsummer.
The weather made a sudden change, from lousy grey and rainy, it suddenly became warm and the clouds started to form in the sky and the sun decided to show up! I had rhubarb-juice and a slice of bun at L's lovely kiosk in the afternoon.

Later we made dinner, a salad to start with and toast Skagen for main course, for desert we had coffee and cake. I decorated the cake with violets, slightly visible in the picture. The cake was delicious. And baked by my friend Anci, as a payment for a job. We enjoyed some ecological sparkling wine.

Later in the evening we cykled about, bumped into some friends, chatted with them and headed down to the seaside and had a few drinks.

We had a lovely midsummer, I wore a flower wreath and flower dress and topped it off with socks in my sandals, very chic, hih!

Thursday, 18 June 2015


I have been busy with fun projects.
Darling L opened his summer café and kiosk. He wanted me, or infact Ninitchi,  to make a few interior changes. So I made a flagbanner, and cleaned the facade from too much clutter, added a few details, and voilá , he is very pleased with the outcome. I even made a few changes inside the kiosk, as that is the place he is mainly, it has to be cosy and convenient. It is now. I got him a coffeemachine, a double Moccamaster, with a little help from my ex-mother-in-law, kiitos Tuuti!

We, L and me, made a little trip to our nearby town Borgå. We walked in the oldtown, popped into antiqueshops and toyshops and had lunch (and held the rain) in a restaurant, had coffee in the backyard of a café. When we had strolled for almost five hours we both felt it was time to head home.

I have been working in my garden also. Started a "small" project, laying cobblestone.

Here is a closeup.

I also made rhubarb-juice. It is the best drink in the summer!

...and more is coming! Just received many kilos of rhubarb from my friend Benita! Made some more juice, and making rhubarb and strawberry desert for tonight. With some whipped cream.

Tomorrow is midsummer eve. We have really sad weather here. It rains and is chilly. Just around ten degrees! I am serious! Still going to wear a flower dress.
This year I am not baking a cake. As I received two cakes as payment for a job, and got to pick the dates for when I wish to have the cakes delivered, hih! So this is the first one. A blueberrycake.

Wishing you wonderful midsummer! Stay warm dear friends!

Sunday, 7 June 2015


Luxury is when your love arrives home from Wienna with a real Sacher-cake!

Luxury is sundaybreakfast outdoors with a clearbue sky. The blue chairs, we have two, are purchaised from a local shop called Karamaloo. Their products are from Gambia, Senegal and Ghana. They are so comfy to sit in! 
Have a wonderful  sunday!

Friday, 5 June 2015


Now my bathroom door is ready. A crazy overdose of flowers. A door in bloom.

Now I'm off to meet my love, he is home from Wienna in less than an hour! I cannot wait to have my darling home again.

Happy weekend lovely friends!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

A door in bloom

When renovating, I try to use things that I have found in the house that can be used, if it is in working order, like my stove and the basin in the bathroom. Most doors. This door was in the attic, a boooring and ugly 80's wooden door. But I needed a door for my bathroom, so I used this one and thought, I'll do something to it one day. This is the outcome. The surroundings are still in process,  slowly slowly.

I started by covering the door with old booksheets.
I then started to add flowers.

Ended up with a door in bloom..

Hair and Suffragette trailer

I was a child during the 70's, the trendy hairstyle then was the potty-style, you know, shortish round. I never had long hair. I've secretly envied people with long hair, but never managed to grow it long as I really liked having short hair. For the past, I don't know how many years, I've had a page. I've let my hair grow now and recently learned how to do different hairdos.
So on saturday I sported with one hairdo. It was soooo difficult to capture on is how I tried, either too close, too far aside, past my head...hih! The last picture finally captured my hairdo!

Oh, I cannot wait for the Suffragettes to premier! Here's the trailer.
”We're in every house, we're half the human race you cannot stop us all...”

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

When I am...

...working on a fun project I loose time. Right now I am working on my house and I have a few really fun and time consuming projects on the go, so it is a good thing I enjoy it! And loose time!

... in love. I just want to post silly things about me and L.  And how happy I am. How much in love I am. And how my whole life is a love song.

Found some old photos at the flea market. This one just charmed me. The words are not mine. But the internet gives me hundreds of options to who might have written, for now I'll just tell they are not mine.