Tuesday, 23 June 2015


I used to do a lot of dancing before, now for ther past few years, it is only occasional. Simply as I haven't had time, due to I am renovating a house!

But yesterday I attended a course in Helsinki. We did the basic waltz, oh, how I enjoy those long slides on the floor and the turns, yes, let's do more turns! We also did a really showy cha cha, I smiled all the way home as I was a happy gal'! To wear dancing shoes, they have a t-strap and heels and a skirt, oh happy joy-joy! I am by no means a ballroom type of dancer, but I do enjoy some ballroom dances, but not the competing styles. They are no longer natural in my opinion.

The music was wonderful, we waltzed to Charles Aznavour! My goodness, I loved his music as a child! Here is one of my favorites, Non, je n'ai rien oublié.

Time to continue with the cobblestone -project...

Above are my veggies on the kitchen counter. I keep salt in a shell. It is handy when cooking.

Be well my friends!

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