Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hair and Suffragette trailer

I was a child during the 70's, the trendy hairstyle then was the potty-style, you know, shortish round. I never had long hair. I've secretly envied people with long hair, but never managed to grow it long as I really liked having short hair. For the past, I don't know how many years, I've had a page. I've let my hair grow now and recently learned how to do different hairdos.
So on saturday I sported with one hairdo. It was soooo difficult to capture on is how I tried, either too close, too far aside, past my head...hih! The last picture finally captured my hairdo!

Oh, I cannot wait for the Suffragettes to premier! Here's the trailer.
”We're in every house, we're half the human race you cannot stop us all...”


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Your hair looks SO pretty ……. I've had long hair pretty much all of my life and I never put it up !! I would if I could do it like that ! XXXX

Temps Perdu said...

Thank you! It was fairly easy to do for an amateur like me;)