Saturday, 20 June 2015

Midsummer, mittumaari

So now we have celebrated midsummer.
The weather made a sudden change, from lousy grey and rainy, it suddenly became warm and the clouds started to form in the sky and the sun decided to show up! I had rhubarb-juice and a slice of bun at L's lovely kiosk in the afternoon.

Later we made dinner, a salad to start with and toast Skagen for main course, for desert we had coffee and cake. I decorated the cake with violets, slightly visible in the picture. The cake was delicious. And baked by my friend Anci, as a payment for a job. We enjoyed some ecological sparkling wine.

Later in the evening we cykled about, bumped into some friends, chatted with them and headed down to the seaside and had a few drinks.

We had a lovely midsummer, I wore a flower wreath and flower dress and topped it off with socks in my sandals, very chic, hih!

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