Thursday, 18 June 2015


I have been busy with fun projects.
Darling L opened his summer café and kiosk. He wanted me, or infact Ninitchi,  to make a few interior changes. So I made a flagbanner, and cleaned the facade from too much clutter, added a few details, and voilá , he is very pleased with the outcome. I even made a few changes inside the kiosk, as that is the place he is mainly, it has to be cosy and convenient. It is now. I got him a coffeemachine, a double Moccamaster, with a little help from my ex-mother-in-law, kiitos Tuuti!

We, L and me, made a little trip to our nearby town Borgå. We walked in the oldtown, popped into antiqueshops and toyshops and had lunch (and held the rain) in a restaurant, had coffee in the backyard of a café. When we had strolled for almost five hours we both felt it was time to head home.

I have been working in my garden also. Started a "small" project, laying cobblestone.

Here is a closeup.

I also made rhubarb-juice. It is the best drink in the summer!

...and more is coming! Just received many kilos of rhubarb from my friend Benita! Made some more juice, and making rhubarb and strawberry desert for tonight. With some whipped cream.

Tomorrow is midsummer eve. We have really sad weather here. It rains and is chilly. Just around ten degrees! I am serious! Still going to wear a flower dress.
This year I am not baking a cake. As I received two cakes as payment for a job, and got to pick the dates for when I wish to have the cakes delivered, hih! So this is the first one. A blueberrycake.

Wishing you wonderful midsummer! Stay warm dear friends!

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