Sunday, 19 July 2015

During the past two days...

...I have managed to work on my porch (I am covering the walls that only have isolation, but no solid wall), have a gig at a double birthdayparty (30 + 60), varnish the twigs in the ceiling, make a birthday-present for a two-year old (origamibirds on a twig), deliver the pressy, stand in for my darling L at the kiosk so he could attend the birthdayparty, continue work on the porch and paint the ceiling. I think I'm entitled a relaxed sunday evening with my darling! Tea and candles and invite Joshua James to perform...I was lucky to see not only one, but two performances when they first came to perform in Helsinki, some years ago.

Wishing you a relaxed sunday!

Above are some more signs I made.

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