Monday, 24 August 2015

French toast on rooftops

I travelled to Helsinki and attended a first step in a tantra course. Please hold your horses, tantra is not only about erotic, it is so much more. It is also erotic, but mainly it's about love and connecting energies. I have practised tantra for years, on and off. Like I do yoga, I sometimes do tantric yoga. Tantric exerciseas are so good for the body and it is meditative and fun. I haven't previously written about my tantric intrests (I did my first course back in the 90´s in Stockholm), mainly because I have noticed how poeple react to when I talk about tantra and I usually feel a need to explain. I get a lot of jokes about it too. I can take it. But to write about this in a forum where people who do not know me read this and might get an idea that perhaps doesn't correlate with reality. Oh my. But I cannot control what other people might think. And does it matter? People tend not to be intersted and I am by no means an exception, that somehow somewhere people would lie awake in their beds at night and think and wonder about what sort of tantric exercises I practise...

After the course I met up with my dearest M. Dinner was ready when I arrived. We walked up to the attic, from there we climbed onto the roof and enjoyed a lovely dinner overlooking the rooftops in wonderful evening sun. Delicious salad, beetroot soup, bread with hummus, ginger beer and french toast with ice-cream and jam.

What a  wonderful sunday and I was so happy when I returned home late with the bus, and a certain darling L came to meet me, lucky lucky me. So very spoiled human beeing dancing on this planet. Life!

The picture above is from the rooftop.

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