Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hello august!

So much good stuff happening in life at the moment.
Wonderful people and so much love and love and even more love.
Today we, me and L, organized a small venue to thank all our guests this summer at the kiosk, so many people turned up and we spent the whole day outdoors in the sun, enjoying coffee and buns and ice-cream and how lucky we are to be surrounded with all this kindness and warmth.
We later had the most wonderful evening with dear friends and relatives, delicious food and wine and when cykling home we just smiled and sighed, life is so good!

Take care! Love to you all!

Above are roses I received from J. Tack finaste!
And look, my windowsill that I purchaised for 2 euros (Seriously! And it was the exact length as my window) at the fleamarket is now in place on the veranda. I cannot wait to fill the window with geraniums and lacecurtains...sit in my wooden sofa, listen to LP's and drinking tea with honey (L brought the most wonderful green tea as a gift when he travelled to Tallinn a few weeks ago, he even brought the most wonderful ginger-jam, and we have enjoyed it on Digestive cookies), looking out at the soft august nights with lit candles. Oh yes, bring it on, we are ready!


G:a Affären said...

Det var ett fynd både att det passar och till det priset! Jag har efter flera år äntligen fått fönsterbrädor i huset, det gör så mycket att kunna ställa dit blommor.
Härligt att du haft goda människor kring dig!

Love to you too!

Temps Perdu said...

Jag är sååååå bortskämd med goda människor omkring mej!